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home show, prague

home show, prague

trunk show march 2010 Prague, Czech Republic

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We Were The Only Two Strange Aliens At The Kamatipura Flea Market

We Were The Only Two Strange Aliens At The Kamatipura Flea Market

There is an open ground , that the Vagri community uses as a meeting place , to sell the goods they have collected from homes , all kinds of items from old Parsi homes , from old bungalows ..and rare paintings antiques books old jewelry old time teak furniture , cradles beds bookshelves and even rocking chairs .at Kamatipura close to 12 th Road,

And both Vinod Om a Yoga teacher and I were hooked to this market , Vinod bought old books etc that he gave to poor kids including old clothes .

I bought stuff for my film work, mainly accessories , boks and I was fucked neck deep into old cameras , I came here by cab every morning and from this early morning flea market I walked barefeet to Chor Bazar .

I came home by cab and carried a lot of junk with me that freaked my old lady , stuff she would never touch with a bargepole , I did not buy items for resale mainly for my collection .. And in the end when I got hit by space crunch , and bad times I gave away 275 old cameras for Rs 17000 to a dealer .

I gave away some rare books I still have some old books about 75 years old or more with me ..and mostly poetry and classics .

I bought some rare silver stuff , a Muscat dagger that I wear on my arm, weird silver studded belts .. old shawls and everything that I liked and impulsively bought ,

I have stopped going to both these markets its been over 5 years or more .. but I would like to revisit the place for kicks . , maybe tomorrow I dont know catch up with old friends ..

I know so many of them and shoot pictures portraits etc

But I promised myself I wont buy anything No I wont ,,

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