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Does Your Company Need a Small Business Credit Line?


Honest small business owners applying for a small business credit line enter banking negotations with one goal in mind … Show Me The Money !!! Unfortunately in today's economic market the banks are so quick to accommodate a happy ending. Lending requirements have tightened, regulators are running the show, and businesses are being force to look outside traditional banks to fund growth.

It is interesting, we are living in an era when banks are to big to fail, even small businesses, which are also the largest employers in the US, are too small to support. Needless to say, it is a mess out there in the real world as we work through this period in time.

Several business owners and management teams currently on the bubble within their current banking relationships, do not want to find themselves on the outside looking after loan covenants reviews. In addition, start up companies with less than two years under their belts looking for a small business credit line will find it tough going when meeting with favorite banker. Do not shoot the messenger I am only delivering the news.

Not belaboring the point, there is some good news for those looking for working capital to grow. Money is available, although many growth businesses will need to look outside traditional banking relationships for funding while the banking industry structures. So the question remains, who is funding? The answer is accounts receivable factoring companies, asset based lenders, and private investment funds.

It is true, asset based financing may cost a little more than a traditional small business credit line, but the upside is flexibility. Access to working capital will be available to support current sales, but more importantly additional funding to support growth will be much easier to acquire. Businesses with the ability to grow beyond their existing break-even threshold will find factoring or asset based lending a viable means to grow.

Credit lines can be restrictive since most banks will drag small business owners through the entire application process time and time again for every increase. This process consumes valuable time and human resources to secure capital, while your competitors are out trying to secure your future market share. Customers are a fickle group, and will only wait so long before they look elsewhere for products and / or services.

Business owners concerned about the cost of credit and focusing solely on the bottom line may want to reconsider the cost of missed opportunities. Yes, controlling costs while constantly searching for ways to improve the bottom line are sound business practices, however at times it is unwisely to do so by retracting top line revenue numbers.

At the end of the day in a perfect world every successful business owner and / or management team has to determine what is more important. The cost of money or the cost of opportunity. One is tangible, the other speculative. In a not so perfect world, this same group will have to examine the cost of private financing or the cost of going it alone without a bank. Unfortunately, many companies looking for a small business credit line will find themselves in this world for a while.

Needless to say traditional banks will come back to the table in time, however for the unforeseen future it will be wise for small business owners to look at the alternative financing market for ways to raise working capital to support adequate cash flow.

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Source by Darren Grady

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Stock Trading Success


The ABC's of Stock Trading Success

Stock trading success … why is it so elusive?

With all the trading information, systems, trading advice and assistance available today, the fact that most people who attempt to profit from trading Stocks lose money looks quite bizarre.

Can you imagine the millions of dollars that must have been spent by countless traders on courses and stock analysis software, that was wasted because the buyers did not understand the key principle of trading success I am about to share with you now.

We are not going to need any charts for this lesson … just your ability to comprehend the value of what I am about to share with you and your willingness to take action – right now I want to share with you the ABC's of trading success.

If trading was an easy business to master and profits were freely available to all, every punter with a computer and a free charting program would be a millionaire and the streets of our cities would be clogged with chauffer driven limousines.

The fact that the majority of the population have no idea how to make a buck from the Stock Market, often after spending large amounts of money on education and trading losses, made me wonder why this is so.

I searched for the answer to profit trading for years, until I found it in an unexpected place, when I was not looking for it at all.

You may be able to relate to this story, or you might just be starting out and this will help you to reduce the time you spend in your initial learning stages and speed up your path to profits.

Let me tell you about Jim (not his real name … of course). Jim first started trading after answering an ad in the Brisbane Courier Mail for a popular trading education package that cost him around $ 1000.

Little did he know that the fateful investment in that course would lead him into the abyss of Gann analysis, and that it would ever cost him thousands of dollars in courses and trading losses to pull himself out the other side.

He read the course, watched the videos, read the course, watched the videos … you get the picture.

Losses, losses, small profit, losses.
He felt that because of his limited knowledge, he had to learn more and more in order to stop the losses and to start profiting from the market. So he spent more and more on courses – and his trading got worse and worse.

The more he learnt, the less he seemed to know and the worse his results became.
Then, he finally learned about the A, B, C triangle of success, in trading and in every other area of ​​life, from one of his property mentors – John Fitzgerald.

The A, B, C's stand for –

A – Awareness

B – Belief

C – Conduct

Awareness – He realized that he already did in fact know enough to become a successful trader and investor. He had studied many books and courses on trading and had everything he needed in the way of practical trading information to make a profit.

He was aware of what it took to trade profitably. He could become a good, a great trader, if he could just develop the second factor …

Belief – If he could bring himself to believe that he was a good trader, he would become a good trader.

He did not need more knowledge at that time, because he had a firm grass of the basics. He simply had to believe in himself and his abilities and the profits would follow.

The third leg of the success triangle

Conduct – Was were he falling down.

He would look at a chart of a Stock or market, and decide on a trading strategy using his understanding of trends – he was calm, detached and unemotional – just like his written trading plan told him to be.

His success rate was good at finding profitable trades – but his conduct was the problem …

He had no trouble placing the trade while the market was closed. He would simply call his Broker and give him the order.

Then, the market would open. His calm, detached, unemotional state would turn into panic.

He would feel physically sick at times, scared in case his analysis was wrong and he lost money on the trade.

He honestly believed that he could not afford to lose any money (the poor mans mindset) so he focused on losing.

He got what he focused on …
He watched his trades like a hawk, and at the first sign of a reversal against his position, he would either call his broker and exit the trade, or move his stop loss order to a place where he was actually guaranteed of being knocked out by the normal fluctuations of the market.

He simply had too much leverage – he was over trading.

He was continuously setting himself up to fail.

His conduct was the weak link in his trading success triangle.

Because he was constantly losing money on his trades, albeit only small amounts, his belief system started to falter, and he saw himself as a losing trader even more – then he started to think that he had two weak sides on the success triangle – conduct and belief.

He started to question the system he was using, which he had painstakingly back tested, over many markets on hand drawn charts and knew was solid, but his failure to have control of his conduct or belief made it look like it was not a good system at all.

So, how to fix it …

He sat down and looked at his recent trading results, and noticed that on most occasions, if he had stayed in the trade, he would have made a profit. His system was valid. His Awareness was enabling him to find and execute profitable trades.

His Belief system needed a gentle prod after several losing trades in a row, but because he had done so much study and work on back testing, he knew he deserved to be successful.

He started to visualize himself in his trading room, making profitable, long term trades and enjoying the benefits that this type of trading would bring to himself and his family.

Then, he worked on his conduct. He again wrote out his trading plan, and decided that he would treat his plan like a shipwrecked sailor trips a life raft.

He would cling to it until he was forced out of a trade by the actions of the market, not by his fearful, emotional response to the actions of the market.

He started placing his stop loss orders in a position so that the market had to change trend in order to take him out of a trade. In other words, a logically placed, technically correct stop loss position.

He then reduced his position size to allow for these stop loss orders being further away from the price action, so that his account was never at risk of being totally wiped out by one serious loss.

He did a pre-trade and post trade analysis sheet, so he could analyze this performance and try to consistently improve his results.

(This can be as simple as a sheet of paper where you write down your order, the position of the market and your thoughts and feelings before, during and after a trade.

Or it can be an elaborate system of checks and balances that guide you through each of your trades. Be careful though – keep it simple or you probably will not use it!)

Once he started to do this, he started to make money (with the exact system we have been teaching you on this Website).

(There are, of course, many other strategies and systems you can use in addition to the lessons we teach you to increase your profits, but to start with, these methods are all you really need to become a profitable trader.)

We are always learning and improving – every trader should strive to do this also.

When you are making consistent profits using the methods we have shared with you, investigate some of these additional entry and exit techniques, but not at the start. Keep it simple.

When he started to trade this way, he found it was far better to take a small position with a loose stop loss and be able to sleep at night, than his previous strategy of using maximum leverage and stressing whenever it was in the market, to the point where he could not stand to walk away from his screen in case the position went against him.

This method sets up lots of profits and a few losses. Much better than the alternative he had previously used.

He then started looking for Stocks that trended consistently for long periods of time, and was drawn to the US Stock Market.

He used exactly the same entry and analysis techniques I have shown you on the Website, and –

He bought Call options in Gen Probe Inc (GPRO) with the Stock at $ 27 and held on until the Stock price was $ 58 three months later.

He bought Pacificare Health Systems Call options (PHS) when it was trading at $ 24 and held them to $ 51 four months later.

And he bought Sandisc Corp Call options (SNDK) with the Stock at $ 24 and held them to $ 58 less than four months later.

(Please Note – these are not Stock recommendations, they are merely mentioned here for illustration and educational purposes and the trades are hypothetical examples).

Can you imagine the change in the size of his trading account balance?

None of these Stocks had given him any reason to sell earlier, so he simply held on for the ride … Awareness, Belief, Conduct … the success triangle.

The Awareness will come when you study and really 'get' the lessons on the Website and in the Newsletter.

Study the lessons carefully, read books written by the masters. Teach others what you have learned – you will gain a better understanding yourself.

All human interaction is a chance to learn or to teach.

By teaching someone else and sharing your knowledge, you will learn any subject at a defect level.
You absolutely go from an intellectual understanding to an emotional understanding (as Robert Allen calls them, an aha!) Of your chosen area of ​​interest, in this case, profitable trading. Try it …

The Belief will come when you back test the Trading Plan I share with you on the Stocks that you want to trade and prove to yourself that it does indeed work.

Visualize yourself making a series of profitable trades. Feel how good it is to see the market moving in the direction you expected it to.

Imagine spending the profits you make trading Stocks with your family and friends, and the time you will have to do the things you want to do instead of the things you have to do. Successful trading gives you the 'time freedom' to do whatever it is that you want to do with your life.
Do it first in your mind, and then do it in the market.

Your Conduct – well that's up to you. Will you 'decide' to look at your written trading plan as your life raft? Cling to it as your last defense against the emotions of fear and greed that live inside each one of us?

Will you trade with the trend, enter off 1 to 4 day reactions to the main trend, reduce your leverage or position size and put your stop loss orders out of the way, so the market has to change trend to get you?

If you do this, you should be confident that you can achieve trading success. That is our wish for you. Good luck.

Now, lets review today's lesson –

The Trading Success Triangle has as it's three sides – Awareness, Belief and Conduct

If any of these elements are weak or missing, the triangle has no strength

The sides are all important and are dependent on each other, but Conduct is the most difficult for the average trader to master

Fear and Greed act to change our conduct from what our rational thoughts tell us is the correct course of action, to actions that are not always in our best interests. By controlling Fear and Greed, we can make rational decisions that help us to become profitable traders

I hope this lesson has helped you in understanding the mindset of a successful trader a little better.

Understanding these three critical elements of trading psychology will put you well on the way to a profitable trading career.

Get this, and your trading success is practically assured. Miss the lesson, and your chances of making big money in the Stock Market are substantially limited.

Please feel free to share this lesson with your trading friends and associates – they will thank you for it.

To Your Trading Success,

Tony Spann and the Team

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Source by Tony Spann

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