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10 Of the Most ‘Not So Stupid’ Business Ideas


Speaking with my close friend last week, she asked me to review a business idea that she was thinking about developing. I have to admit the idea was a little crazy, but I actually think this ‘crazy’ idea which she has could be something really big, after all there are many businesses out there which are making 6 figures sums yearly, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the people who were laughing at these concepts at the beginning are holding their tongues now.

I thought I would come up with a list which is guaranteed to inspire anyone out there who has a business idea but is a little shy to bring it to the market.

All of these businesses are currently successful and making lots of money believe it or not!

Teething Bling – this is an online company who makes jewellery which is suitable for young babies to chew on. It is designed to look great on mum’s, whilst also being safe for little ones to chew on to their little hearts content

Bully Stick Direct– sells natural dog treats, nothing unusual there I hear you say, well check out what they have on offer. Everything from pigs ears, antlers and even bull penis’s. What better way to keep your favourite pooch happy, just throw it a body part and you have guaranteed peace and quiet.

Wiggles Dog Wigs– its true people actually buy these products. Professional wig maker by trade, this ingenious person though ‘hey why not make a wig for a dog?’ and sure enough the idea took off and made millions.

Doogles– is a great success story, and it shows that no matter how bizarre you may think that your product is there is always someone willing to buy it. Doogles supplies dog goggles, and boy we are talking serious dog goggle business here.

Lucky Break Wishbone– another success story is this little plastic wishbone which you can snap to make a wish. So, no more fighting round the dinner table for the only wishbone, now you can all have one each (albeit most of them plastic). Wacky but it works!

Designer Diaper Bags– yes even the nappy bags have a designer label these days, and it’s proved to be a great success story. Apparently the world is full of people who have to have designer labels and this stretches to the diaper bag as well.

Antenna Balls – probably one of the wackiest ideas yet but it works! and it’s making one very clever person, a lot of money.

Santa Mail – Great idea, and since its launch in 2001 this company has sent out over 2 million letters to children across the globe.

Picky Domains – is set to be the success story of 2011. They have made a business out of selecting customised domain names for people, and it seems with a waiting list of customers who want a very special catchy domain name, this company is heading in the 6 figure direction.

And last but not least, not so much of a wacky idea, but Laser Monks are a company which refills laser cartridges and sells office supplies. Not very unusual I hear you say, well no it isn’t! but when you consider that the business is run entirely by monks from their monastery in the hills of Monroe County. It seems that god does move in mysterious ways as this monastery must be one of the richest in the world.

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Source by Julie Claire Davies

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