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#1 Paranormal Ghost Hunting Software

Product Name: #1 Paranormal Ghost Hunting Software


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“Finally”, A
Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Hunting Softwarethat has been designed to easily track your entire
investigation and neatly store all your findings, EVP’s and
Photos and then creates a full Professional looking report… 100% Guarantee 

RE: Paranormal /
Ghost Hunting Software

From: Dennis A.

Ghost Hunting Enthusiast,

Biggest problem I’ve found in my 30+ years
of doing Paranormal
Investigations and Ghost Hunting has always been keeping
track of my equipment and safely storing the information
I’ve gathered while doing an investigation.Rather the information was from a personal interview or
background history of the location it was always a major
task not to lose or misplace my notes, not to mention
how and where to store my EVP’s and photographs without
having 20 piles of stuff lying around waiting to be
lost.When I became founder of my own
investigative team the problem’s only got bigger. I 
found the need to keep track of all the equipment, which
over time began to be more and more difficult as my
collection of tool, equipment and gadgets continued to
grow and still does to this day.I discovered
that as my team began to grow I needed to have instant
access to their personal info such as address, phone and
email. Just as important, I needed  to be able to
know what types equipment they’ve used and how many
investigation they were part of.When our team
was small, it was easy to drop a couple emails to get
information out to the team… But as we grew, sending
email became a greater task as well. I thought to
myself… how nice it would be if I could email everyone
all at once with 1 click of a button.

But by far the

Challenge was after collecting all the
background information, doing all the interviews, noting
information found during a preliminary investigation,
gathering hours upon hour of information and data during
the investigation, then reviewing the evidence ….How could I put all this
together in to one neat, professional looking package to
give to the client?

” What If …” I
had Paranormal Software that would…….

Here you will again be
able to add and compile a list of all types
of activity and with a click of your mouse
add all activity that was  experience
during a given investigation directly to
your report. 

your final report is on CD or DVD,
recordings then would be available to all
whom maybe interested in listening to the
EVPs your team captures during it’s

In addition here is
where your also going to be able to choose
the “Case Management” pages your wish to
include in your final report. 

You can get help at anytime
while using The PLAN. Go to the top menu and
select “Help” and if your connected to the
internet you will immediately be taken to
the “Help Page”

There you will find video tutorials to help
guide you though every step of the program.

You may pause, fast forward or rewind so you
can learn at your own pace.

If for any reason your unable to find an
answer to your problem you’ll find a direct
email address , and I will respond A.S.A.P.

your serious and are investing your hard earnedmoney into Ghost Hunting and Paranormal
Investigations Equipment, It just makes sense
that this Software should be your Top
Priority !!!

Craig Mitchell / MVPs -Mountain Valley
Paranormal Society

I Have Been Intrigued With Ghost, and
the Paranormal for Many, Many Years !!! 

I have done
literally hundreds of investigation though out my 35+
years and I’m still very active and enjoy a good “Ghost

Though out my many
years I have seen many changes in technology and now,
there are so many toys, tools and gadgets out, that it
makes it possible for nearly anyone …who wishes…
able to make contact in one way or another.It
was though these many investigations that I began to
gather my ideas for a software. This software is
designed specifically for Paranormal Investigations and
Ghost hunting by me personally.

The Paranormal
Software or if you wish Ghost Hunting Software took
nearly a year to design and then write. The end result
is like no
other software on the market…anywhere.

I have taken

The PLAN and tailored it so that each step
follows and flows with the logical order of and
investigation so that each step can be easily logged and
then saved and password protected until you make your
final entry and produce a professional looking PDF
Booklet or Word Document.Nothing was left out
and I’m sure you too will be among the thousands of
other satisfied customers.

What Exactly Is…”
The PLAN ”

 Introducing ” The PLAN ”

 The Paranormal Log & Analysis Notebook

This Paranormal Investigations and Ghost
Hunting Software is designed to
easily track your entire investigation,
manage evidence and print full reports
and neatly store your findings for quick
and easy

for future reference.

Investigation Software is a case by case
management software that provides a
simply, user friendly solution for
managing all aspects of your

Investigation Software lets you and
every member of your team easily manage
evidence and prepare professional
reports in a matter of minutes. The PLAN
also allows users to go back and edit or
update reports as well as offers the
security of optional, password

Paranormal Investigations and Ghost
Hunting Software is simple and easy to
use and provide you with “Step By Step
Video Tutorial” so any user can quickly
be up and running in a matter of

The PLAN has a variety of unique
features your sure to appreciate !!!

Investigators Certification Level
All Members At One Time
All Your Tools & Equipment
Types of Activity

In Auto Fill  Features When Making
a ReportImport/
Export EVPS and Photos

User To Password Protect ReportsStep
By Step Video Tutorials

Let’s Take A Quick
Tour And Discover More About” Case Management ”

Each Of Your

Reports Will

Added Feature***
The PLAN Also Access’s Google
Map directly from program for
fast directions to a location.
Cut and paste directions
directly to the “directions”
data field.

Witness Statements and Report

One of the most important parts
to any investigation, be it
paranormal or otherwise is gather as
much information as possible prior
to investigating the actual scene.

Here’s where you report all the
information the investigators gather
though personal interviews of anyone
having knowledge of primary

Information involving a specific
location, personal experience,
sighting  or historic
background knowledge etc… can all
be entered here as well as
personal contact information
pertaining to each witness for later
contact if more information is ever

The Witness Statement Reports
allow users to analyze and compare
vital information which will assist
in determining  and analyzing
similarity to other reports.

The information gathered here
will also give you a fair idea of
what you’ll be looking for as far a
the paranormal but also possible
non-paranormal explanation as to a
probable cause as well as aid in pre
investigation, equipment set-up.

Bottom Line… This
section can handle all the
information you can gather ! 

Personal Experiences

the PLAN allows, that each time a
team investigator has any sort of
personal experience or sensation,
for example:

(During the investigation the
investigator should makes note of
all sensation, location and time.)That information would then be
enter here and become an official
exhibit of possible paranormal
evidence that would also be
included in the final report.. 

Evidence and Possible
This is where
all the ghost activity and
paranormal evidence collected
during the live investigationcomes together.

PLAN allow you to enter:

Investigation Summation and
After the
investigation has been completed and
all the evidence reviewed here is
where you present your findings and
place your final comments.

Investigator’s Recommendations

Here is where you would make
any recommendation to the
property owner or reporting

This is where your expertise
comes in as you will advise your
clients what steps they need to
take next.

If it’s non paranormal,
discuss your finding and how to
solve the problem, if needed
suggest do it yourself fix’s or
suggest finding a contractor
i.e. plumber, electrician,
carpenter etc.

In the case your
determination is paranormal or
haunted by ghost ….it is your
duties to try and comfort them
and offer suggestions on how to
remove the spirit from their
location, or who, where and how
to may seek additional help.

Your first concern should be
to help them to understand what
they are dealing with and how to
deal with their situation as
well as ways to positively
re-enforce and regain their

case-related information is
conveniently and
automatically saved and can
and reports can be secured
from tampering, via the use
of optional Password
Protection … With
The PLAN everyone on your
team will have access to
accurate and up-to-date

This section The PLAN

the information gather here will
become part of the evidence and
included in your final report… 

PLAN Requirements …Will run
on any “Windows” operating
system*Sorry will not run on

But Wait … There’s
More, If You Act Now You’ll  Also Receive…

Pure White Noise
Noise is a signal (or process) with
a flat frequency spectrum. In other
words, normal background noises can
be neutralized so that any suspected
paranormal voices or sounds will 
then have a higher bandwidth and
they become the centre frequency.

EVP’s is today one of the most
fascinating areas of paranormal
research.Human-sounding voices
from unknown origin are recorded on such
electronic media as analog tape
recorders, digital voice recorders,
video recorders and other devices.
Strangely, the voices are not heard at
the time of the recording; it is only
when the recording is played back that
the voices are heard.

With the help of the White Noise CD you
will be able to hear on your digital
recorder the spirits respond, answer
questions, even ask questions of their
own. Numerous ghost hunters,
paranormal investigators and ghost
enthusiasts have used White Noise like
this to aid them on their paranormal
investigations. This White Noise is a
must have for paranormal investigations.
The White Noise runs approximately 60

This recording contains 100% genuine
white noise, the best quality white
noise you can get. There are “white
noise generators”, which sell for a lot
more, that are usually frequency-biased
in their attempt to simulate white
noise. 60 minutes of
frequency-neutral and non-repetitive
white noise. Don’t take any chances! Get the “cleanest” white noise there
is. Sound frequency  that contains
every frequency from 0 Hz to 22,050 Hz
(22.05 kHz) at equal power, with
absolutely no distortion or
repetitiveness, in stereo. This is as
good as white noise gets!

If you want to begin introducing
White Noise into your next

You’ll receive a 60 minute MP3
recording as a bonus, that you can
download to your computer, burn to a
CD and play it on sight at your next

Food For Thought, Think
About This…

you tired of losing pieces of important information
gathered before, during and after investigations?Have you ever waste time trying to find information
from a previous investigation?

Have you spent hours
compiling a report for your client and think to
yourself…There has to be a better way?

Would you like to contact
all your team members with one click of a button?Do you want to look professional ?Then
what are you waiting for?

The PLAN can help solve
all these problems and offers so many more benefitsin tracking your entire investigation from start to

It will save you hours in
allowing you to keep personal profiles on each of your
investigators, keeping tabs on your expensive equipment
and not to mentions neatly storing all the data
including EVP’s and Photos in one complete file for easy
and quick access for future reference.

And best of all you give
your client a Professional complete report that will
only add to your organizations credibility.

Not only that you’ll
receive the White Noise CD.White noise
neutralizes background noise and
is believed to assist you so that any suspected
paranormal voices can be heard more clearly as it’s
frequency is above that of static or normal noise in a
given area.

And you also get the ” Ghost
Weather Station” This comes in handy if you need to
record the current conditions for your Paranormal
Investigation report.
So what’s all this worth ? 

Check This Out…
Have Nothing To Lose !!! 

Here’s My No Hassle Guarantee !!!Purchase
The PLAN Software today and Try It Out !!!If for ANY reason in the next two
months you are notcompletely Satisfied with
the software, email me and Iwill give you
100% of your Investment Back …No
Questions and No Hassles !!!This is my promise to you, I
don’t think I can be morefair than that. You Won’t Lose A Dime…
Dennis A. Batchelor 

So What Are You Waiting
If this is just a hobby or
looking to become a Professional “Paranormal

P.S. The PLAN will
save you hours in compiling all the data, photo’s and
EVP’s and will help present your organization as being
Professional, not some second rate weekend trill seeker.

Try it for 60
full days if your not completely satisfied you’ll get
100% of your investment back.

P.P.P.S. The PLAN is
a “Stand Alone” Product and I can’t Guarantee how long I
will be offering the bonuses or how long I will keep
selling this product for the insanely low price of only
19.95. Remember…You have NO RISK, get your
copy and all the bonuses today!

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Terms Of Service – 

About Us© Copyright 2018 –
– All Rights Reserved 

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Click here to get #1 Paranormal Ghost Hunting Software at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

#1 Paranormal Ghost Hunting Software is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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